Q & A: How does a air crash investigation work?

Q & A: How does a air crash investigation work (CNN) – Three days after Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed at the international airport of San Francisco with the loss of landed two lives, there is still no official explanation for the cause of the incident. Officials have said that the Boeing 777, which had … more about CNN International
2 SC families mourned to Alaska Air Taxi Crash De Havilland Otter DHC3 air taxi was from Air Rediske, an Alaska-based company that short trips makes, sometimes ending up in remote areas operated, police said. The airport where the accident occurred has no control tower and an asphalt and … Read more about rel = “nofollow” USA TODAY
Air Travel in the south of England Limited to bow British air traffic authorities say they limit the number of aircraft flying over or move out of the South of England after one of their two national control centers was affected by interference. NATS air traffic control says indefinite … Read> more about